• Natural and organic products
    The Montasell group sells natural and organic nutritional supplements,
    dietary products and cosmetics.
  • Nature, Nutrition, Health
    A full range of products to contribute
    to a daily optimal nutrition.
  • Nature, Nutrition, Health
    A specific attention given to the role of nutrients
    within the food metabolic processes.
  • Quality guaranteed for a better health
    The guarantee that our products meet the highest
    quality requirements.

MONTASELL : Natural and organic products for a better health
A balanced and monitored diet contributes to a better health, however
we strongly recommend to consult your doctor to get professional medical advice

The company

Historical ambition

The Montasell company was born from the ambition of Salvador Montasell to develop the distribution of natural and organic dietary products in supermarkets

Vision and determination

Determination, a pioneering spirit, and the ensuing conviction that nature gives back what we expect of it, were needed to launch the organic new age in Switzerland and beyond

Passion and conviction

The Montasell group chooses to offer high quality and healthy eating to allow an effective nutrition
It is absolutely necessary to eat well in order to remain healthy

They trust us

The Brands

Soleil Vie

A historical brand for natural and organic nutritional supplements and dietary food, with a quality guaranteed for an effective nutrition.

Balestra & Mech

A line of natural products based on plants with no alcohol, no sugar and no preservatives added.

Adi apicoltura

Organic certified honeys developed according to traditional production methods, free of chemicals and without pasteurization.


Cosmetics and nutritional supplements based on mushrooms.

Victor Philippe

Cosmetics developed from Aloe Vera active ingredients, from certified organic agriculture.

Natural Brush

For a tooth brushing 100% natural, a tree root to use as a tooth brush.

Huilerie Emile Noel

Organic oils pressed according to high quality production processes in order to preserve their natural properties.

Hifas da Terra

Gourmet products developed from mycology for 100% organic and vegan food.

Abbaye de Sept-Fons

Thanks to the monks from the Sept Fons Abbey, monastic products which are natural, dietary, organic and rich in natural vitamins.

Where to find us

Where to
find us

(Montasell products can be found in all pharmacies
as well as in the stores indicated below)

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Website : www.soleil-vie.com

Contact Us :

Email : info@montasell.com
Phone : +41 26 912 21 90
Fax : +41 26 912 17 87
Chemin du Botsêrin 10, 1635 La Tour-de-Trême